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Aug 8, 2015
One of our hens decided to go broody in winter. This is her first and our first hatching. After she left her first batch I made a new home and placed 12 eggs under her. 4 were kicked out, one egg was cracked with undeveloped chick, and one was born but died shortly after (unknown y).

3 days ago she 3 chicks were successfully hatched and are still doing great.

However there are still 3 eggs left and she is still sitting on them. They were candelled on day 18 so there are chicks in them however it's now day 25 as the others hatched on day 22.

I do not hear anything from the eggs, however momma still turned them and continues to sit on them.

Do we just continue to wait or is their something we should do. When is too long? We don't want to interfere but none of the remaining three eggs are even pipped.

Any suggestions would be wonderful.


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Jun 22, 2012
Hello there! I really did not understand the details of the hatch but i guess she had eggs incubated at different times? However for the remainig eggs: candle them again to see if there's any movement as they might be late due to being brooded later, but if all of the eggs were incubated at the same time they should be sure dead in shell by now.... I'm concerned however on the poor moma and three chicks if they have been in the nest for last three days without eating/drinking/pooping while waiting for the remaining eggs to hatch... as read the post back, i guess you put the 12 eggs under her at the same time... If so just throw the eggs away.. If not , candle them, you might not see a thing because of later stages of development , but you should still see little movement near the aircell...
Now make sure the babies and momy are fed and watered and get back to us soon..


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Jun 28, 2011
If nothing happened by now, I would remove the eggs, candle and check again for movement. I did have a day due Monday, hatched Friday chick under a broody hen once, so anything's possible! If there's still no sign of life, encourage mom to get off the nest, if she's still sitting, and either leave the eggs for another day, or toss them. What is important now is the chicks that did hatch. They need to get out and about and taken care of.

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