Help..way odd need help asap


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Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
My chicks are about 4 weeks old now. This morning my daughter brought one in and said it was running around the cage and getting stuck. She held it for a bit it seemed scared. I put it on the floor it started yelling and running around almost falling to one side. So I placed it in a small container in my utility sink. Figured if it felt better after a few hours it could jump out and be ok. Well here it is six hours later it was out of its small bin sitting in the sink. I picked it up and it started yelling. These chicks have been handled alot so that is not the norm I set it down and it did it again. I tried putting it in the cage with the chicks and again same thing running around yelling getting its hed in the wire of the cage. Brought it in tried to put it in the utility sink same thing. Had to put it in the small container it did it for a second and is now just laying there!! WHAT IN THE WORLD HELP PLEASE!!
I know it sounds crazy, but maybe a vitamin deficiency... try the poly-vi-sol infant vitamines (without iron)... I have been shocked by what they have fixed with my chicks.

I also give mine squished hard boiled eggs. They love them and are very good for them.

Hope someone has more info for you.

4 weeks- should be kept at about 80F. The panic may be due to daughter or something else scaring it? And then moreso in the house? A lot of handling going on there. Some do better than others.
The other chicks may be singling it out. I'd try putting it somewhwere warm and quiet, with food and water, then returning it once it's calmed down. It really sounds like a panic attack.

Temp is crucial at 4 weeks.
If the baby is calm when seperate I'd keep him seperate especially if he's panicy when with the others. Something is definately going on.

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