Help!! We made a chicken! Now what do I do??

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9 Years
Jul 6, 2010
I hade 2 hens that went broody and since I'm new to this whole chicken thing I decided to take a "let nature take its course" approach. We now have a newly hatched little chick and 2 more breaking through their shells!!! My family is packing to leave for the holiday weekend and I am completely unprepared for this.

My biggest concerns are food and water for the chicks. Do I just need to add some small food and water dishes inside the coop? Is there anything else that needs to be done? I've thought about sending the family without me but that didn't go over well. Actually thought about bringing the hen, chick and unhatched eggs with us in the motor home but that presents another set of problems. I'd appreciate any advice I can get!!!
If I'm gonna be gone for more than a day I get somebody to come over and tend to them. Some wouldn't need anything for a few days and some would need a refill or fresh water. Depend on which pen. Chicks always get fresh water but since they are with the hen she will probably sit there till they all hatch. I would put a water and feeder for chicks nearby. Or Isolate hen, chicks and eggs and provide food and water. That way no other birds can harm the chicks if they wander.

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