Help! What’s wrong with my chicken!

Mar 6, 2019
Hi your May know Oreo she is my “best friend” anyway recently she has been acting weird,
She will not leave her coop, and when I come she makes those broody noises
But she sits on no eggs?
Also she may be molting best her chest feather also has some pin feathers idk
So I lock her out of her coop and feed and she does all her normal stuff everyday it’s getting better as she play outside but she always sits on this kiddie slide or go under it and make a “nest” not rlly.
I took her to the vet and she MAY of had coccidiosis so they gav her med and I gave it to her as prescribed.
Anyway I will post an edited video of her on here and how she behaves thorough out the day it she be here by evening uk times


Sep 10, 2019
IS she broody? did she have coccidiosis? Are you treating her now? pictures help and what you feed her. How old is she? How long has she been like this? Has she acted sick (besides acting like this) Did you treat the whole flock for coccidiosis?

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