HELP!? What are we?? Pic heavy!


9 Years
May 13, 2010
Okay so these are some updated pics of my 6 wk old chicks. Would appreciate some input on breeds and possible gender. Thanks!!
So these are our white, clean legged bantams.

This is roo??? Not sure on "his" breed. Also a bantam.

This is our "hen". Again, bantam and not sure on breed.

This one not quite sure on. Think its a roo. Also bantam.

The black one in this last pic we aren't sure on either. Think its a hen. These are some misc. pics of them enjoying their new run. If anyone can help me out on reeds and gender great!!!

And FINALLY... I think these are all roos! Sunning themselves!!
1. Pyle dutch roos (?), although...the one on the right looks hen-ish:
. Black-breasted red Game Bantam rooster:
. Black-breasted red Game bantam hen:
. Silver duckwing Game bantam rooster:
. Golden laced Sebright hen:

ones sunning themselves are three Game banties, two black-breasted red and one Silver duckwing. All of them look to be roos!
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1st picture - red pyle old english game bird. I agree with the above reply on the black breasted old english gamebirds.
5th picture - looks like a golden sebright/mix

I don't think she's a hybrid, because Sebrights always have poor lacing when they're so young. The lacing gets more and more Sebright-like as they age.
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Thanks!!! I have been told that one is a Golden Sebright. The others were a mystery! I've been trying to figure it out on my own but I'm new and have NO CLUE!! There are actually to black ones and I thought that they were both Sebrights (similar markings on their wings), but now I doubt myself. Thanks again for the input!!

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