Help! What is wrong with my hen???


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Nov 14, 2008
Central Texas
I have a hen that seems to be panting all the time. It is hot here but the other hens seem to be doing fine. She kinda stays to her self and doesn't move around alot. What can I do?
Get her in cooler conditions - the heat may simply be too much for her (or she could be ailing from something else, which makes her less able to withstand the heat). Give her some electrolytes. In a pinch, use Pedialtye (spritz on cold watermelon or other fruit she likes and refrigerate after opening. gatorade may also be used in a pinch).

I'm just woried about her. She doesn't seem to be acting like all the other ones. Could there be something else the matter?
When mine are hot they pant.
I put in a frozen bottle of water for them to cool off on.
Sometimes they stand on them...
sometime just sit next to them.
I was worried about my oldest hen, 1-2 years old; well feathered, panting mouth open eating but not eating; she even stopped laying. Maybe it is the high heat and humidity. A big change from the cold and rainy spring. I will also try the cold water bottle trick and see if that helps. And to think I almost skipped over this thread. Thanks OP for asking!

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