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Mar 25, 2012
Okay this is my 3rd hatch first using dry incubation method. I did add water for hatching. The chicks were not due until today however one hatched yesterday morning and two others last night. Several more are shaking their eggs but haven't hatched of this morning. Im at work so who knows what going on right now. I know its bad to open the incubator during hatching but i need to get the chicks out of there. They are terrorizing the other eggs jumping on them and rolling around. The first two out helped the 3rd by ripping off chunks of shell while it was the question is to open and remove or leave them alone. If i open can i spray water on the eggs or add additional wet clothes to keep the others from having issues? Hope to get home in a couple hours and see lots of babies!
Opening your incubator to remove the hatched chicks is not going to hurt anything. Just be sure you are clean and have a carrier ready, pop the incubator open, grab the chicks, pop them into the carrier, close the incubator, call it good.

Yes, you can put a damp cloth in there to help with the humidity if you feel the need. Just be sure it's warm water...
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