Help!! what to feed baby guianas


12 Years
My GS dog found his guiana nest and was eating the eggs just as they started to hatch, they managed to save several, but what can they feed them I suggested soft scrambled eggs, but the co-op is closed today and I don't know what to tell him. He brought the rest of the eggs over to add to my eggs in my bator , so don't think they will hatch, but couldn't tell him no, marrie
if you have any chick starter than that will do until you can get to the feed store and pick up some game bird starter. If they just hatched today, I wouldn't worry about feeding them today. They can go for at least 24 hours w/out food.
Guineas grow quickly and need the extra protein in the game bird starter until they are pretty much grown. My guineas eat the chicken feed, too. I just mix some game bird food in with the chicken feed. They all eat every thing that is put in front of them. LOL But don't worry about today. They will fine w/out food for today. There are folks on here who just feed chick starter and have no problems so it is your decision...nothing is written in stone.

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