Help! What's going on? instant death!

Was this little chick born recently? Have you had others die? What was the Temp in your brooder, and in your incubator. Did it look fine before you picked it up? If not, what was it doing?
They were 2 wks old-AE? All eating and fine until this morning-I have raised many chicks with no problem so I am sure it's some disease. Quit eating all of sudden and sat down on bums-no diarrhea ?????????/
* What are you feeding?? And what's on the floor of the brooder?? Where in the house are the chicks being kept? Is your house propane, gas?? Have you cooked with teflon today??
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I know about Teflon-do not use- We are in Maine and my basement is granite. Raydon?
We have only lived here a few months. this is my first hatch out in this (1850's) house.
wow... can you get a radon test at Home Depot or Aubuchon? That would be crazy if that was the cause, but on the other hand, like canaries... saving you and your family......

What other detaisl on the chicks? Hatched or feed store, etc?

Best wishes!!
Stacey- South Portland
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Same organic chick feed- new chickens as stock-their eggs used hardwood chips with paper towels (white) on top of it -We have well water and it''s always tested pure. Spring-could I have some kind of contamination?

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