Help! What's wrong with this chick??

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  1. [​IMG]She just hatching today (with some assistance). She has a crooked toe but cannot walk and has no balance. I attempted to put her in with the other newly hatched chicks but they beat her up. (How do I upload a video from my phone??)
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    There could be many reasons why she has not hatched healthy. In some cases they just don't and it's part of incubating and hatching. I've had this happen myself in some hatches. In nature this chick would likely not have hatched. I would recomend keeping her seperate and getting her on some sava chick/vitamin supplement in her water. You are more than likely going to have to help her feed and drink if she is unable to stand. Sorting the crooked feet out too is a must while she is young, the older they get the harder it is to do.

    As for uploading a video you need upload to you tube or similar then use the film roll icon in the editor to copy and paste the link to.,

    Good luck with your chick I hope you can pull her round :fl
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    It happens with hatching. It could be that the hen didn't get enough of a certain nutrient the day before she laid that egg. It could be that she has some sort of genetic abnormality. Or maybe it's neurological. Or maybe she just didn't develop quite right. And the list goes on. There are tons of possibilities that could have resulted in a weak chick. I do know from experience that weak chicks that don't get on their feet within 10 hours of hatching, usually don't make it. Vitamins and electrolytes in the water is all you can do for her. She will either perk up, or she won't.
  4. Ugh! Thank you for your responses. I'll do what I can for the little sweetheart.

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