Help with a new incubator.

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    We just got a "new to us" incubator. It is a fairly large unit that has 4 rotating (side to side trays) with circulating air. I would imagine it could hold between 75-100 eggs. I have only ever used a table top still air incubator in the past and know nothing about this type of rotating unit.

    There is no writing or model type on the unit, it appears to be well made wether it is a hand made or commercial unit. It has all the bells and whistles, 2 thermostats, a fan, humidity trays.

    Anyways getting back to my question, we have noticed that when the trays rotate, they will start to rotate (very slowly) and keep going back and forth for about 5 mins and then stay in the new opposite position it was in and then repeat the process 4 hrs later and settle in it new angle.

    I want to know if this excessive pivoting until it stops normal, while in rotation mode?
    Will it scramble the eggs or harm them? As mentioned it is very slow...

    Thank-you for any input!

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    I dont know but Im shure someone will , Good luck

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