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10 Years
May 9, 2009
Hey Guys, I am doing a Persuasive Speech titled "CHICKENS FOR A PURPOSE".

Here is the first part of the assignment where I had to get the ok for the topic I chose:

Reason: The reason I chose this topic is because I have chickens and they serve different purposes around my house.​
Purpose: To make my audience aware of the fact that chickens are more than just birds/poultry running around the backyard.​
Thesis: I will try to persuade you to at least consider chickens as production animals rather than just birds/poultry by 1) Telling you how they are used for pest control. 2) Telling you how they are used for fertilizer. 3) How they help put food on the table.​
I have owned chickens off and own for 20 years, and have done all the reasearch and even self taght experiences needed to be able to make myself a crediteble speaker on the topic.​

The problem I have with putting this speech together is the "NEW INFORMATION" that I need to leave the audience with.​
Here is where I need help, I would like to leave them with a figure of how many people own chickens. I have done a google search and cant find a specific number: Can anyone help find this number, or am I searching for a needle in the hay satck?​

thanks in advance​
I hate to say it, but you may be looking for a needle in a haystack. As far as I know, anyone who owns chickens isn't required by law to register them so there wouldn't be a census on owners. Plus there are a lot of people who "own" chickens but let them run free and tell anyone who asks, they are not their chickens. No idea why, but I know a couple like that. I have no idea how you would even begin to count the number of chicken owners there are in the U.S. Maybe you could contact your Department of Agriculture in your state to see if they can give you some information. Other than that, I'm outta ideas...

Good luck!!
onedoodle, I realize we are not required to make register as chicken owners, I was trying to get some type of a number to be able to tell the audience how far we have gotten away from the way we used to live.

mainchick, I thank you so much for that link.
I will try to post some for you later, but for an interesting visual, you could use the old government posters that told people it was patriotic to raise chickens, and contrast that to the general attitude and ordinances of today.

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