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11 Years
Mar 31, 2009
A. I was thinking that this guy here was a Phoenix roo, but the comb doesn't look right. So now I'm thinking it's Yokohama, but not sure. What do you guys think?


B. These girls here are banties. But I can't figure out which kind. They are really black in color, and you can see the blue colored earlobes. Anyone have clues?


C. And, is this a German Spitz Roo? He looks rooish to me.

D. How about this guy? He doesn't have the prominent split spikey comb like the one above, but I'm suspecting it's a roo. No crowing from either of these two though.


E. And what breed is Tony (Stark)? He is a bantam roo. He's not black, he's more like a blueish gray. Any help?



Thanks for all the help! I will really appreciate it.
I have same Yocohama roo from Cackle Hatchery.Tony can be Blue rosecomb so the black girls if they have rose combs.Other roo is Switzerlands Spitzhawben(sp)
Thanks ve!
The Black girls have single combs that are black. Very different than Tony's, and they have those very bright blue earlobes.

I had suspected that Tony was a blue rosecomb, but wasn't sure. Thanks for the info.

You think both of the German/Switzerland Spitz are roos? They look identical but they are two different birds. I'm almost certain the one in the top picture will be Romulus. That's the name that pops up whenever I see him. LoL. And I'm praying that second one is a she. I've got 20 chickens and it looks like I'll have 6 roos!
2 yokohamas roos, 1 banty blue rosecomb roo, 1 speckled sussex (which I now think is an OEG Spangled) roo, and the 2 german spitz if they are both roos! And that's assuming my 2 mottled houdans are pullets, but so far they don't look rooish to me.

I dunno what I will do with so many roos. They are so beautiful that I'd really like to keep them all, but they way the coop is littered with feathers, I think they are already fighting, though nobody looks like they've been fighting, and the only violence I see when I'm there is between the girls. *sigh*
If they are 4 mo old I'll say girls .How old are they? If you have black girls from Cackle they only can be OEGB or White Fased Spanish.I am going with OEGB
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They are all 10 weeks old.

And yes, I got all of them from cackle, but I have a hard time matching pictures since some of the breeds look so alike!

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