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6 Years
Sep 13, 2013

This is my 4mo old pullet(?) that I hatched from a light blue/green egg I got from a teaching farm. Any guesses on the cross? All of the others i hatched were easy to sex and identify - all heritage breeds, this one is stumping me. I thought for sure a roo all along, now i think a pullet?!? Thanks!

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Must be crossed with an EE, although I thought this farm only had purebred chickens; she hatched from a pale green egg and has a few feathers on her legs?
Huh, what kind of comb does she have? Looked like a rose but maybe a peacomb and it is a Light Brahma mix for the feathered feet? Would be odd to get that columbian color that clearly on a mix. Nothing says EE on it really with the yellow feet, clean face, and color, weird.
If she came from a blue/ green egg she would have to be an ee, and I would agree with you on a light brahma and ee cross since she ha a pea comb and light feathers on the legs. My dad has a light brahma cross with a buff orpington that came off looking like a light brahma, but without the feathered shanks and I think she has white legs and not yellow.

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