Help With Broody Hens!!


9 Years
Nov 27, 2010
Moreno Valley Ca

I have 2 broody hens that are sitting on the same nest box. If I put eggs under them will the eggs overcook or drown? Because of the hens temp? I am getting some rare breed eggs and I need as many to hatch
Thanks For Your Help!!
when your eggs get to you just separate the hens into different boxes and divide the eggs up between the two once they have eggs under them they should stay, when you have 2 share a box alot of times what happens is they will break the eggs on accident when they push and shove each other trying to get more space
I have had 2 hens hatch eggs side by side with no trouble. You may want to separate more as a precaution for when they hatch. I have one hen that will attack anything that gets near her and her babies. Good Luck!! Momma hens with her chicks are the cutest thing ever!!
I never had problems with overheating/drowning of eggs. However, it can occur that multiple hens can break the eggs, or stir up the nest to much. Personally, I prefer to put them into separate nesting boxes, and have better hatch rates when I do.
They have been broody for about 6 weeks now
they hatched 2 clutches but the last 3 days I hatched them in the bator. I'm getting some rare eggs tomorrow and want them to hatch them. If I move one of them to a difrent coop do you think she will still be broody?
I wouldn't move them to a different coop, as it would be more likely that they would get excited. They may not quite brooding, but they may remove themselves from the nest long enough for the eggs to chill and die. To start you may want to settle them down with test eggs, after they are doing well for a couple of days then give them the rare eggs.
I have a broody/chick shed where I take the broody hens. I put them all in a row in nesting boxes. Sometimes I have two hens pile into one nest when they start (like you are having) and I just prepare another nest with a couple of eggs and plop her into it. Sometimes hens are a bit picky on the nest they have, but one of the hens is likely to be able to give it up, and sit on the other nest.
When I get the eggs could I start to incubate them and the next day or when the hens are ready could I put the eggs under them? There sitting on eggs now, none broke.
If you intend to move them, I would wait a day or so of good sitting. This would be just to make sure they are adjusted to their new nesting spots. If you intend to leave them then it wouldn't matter when you add them. However, if they were shipped you should leave them sit for a day first.

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