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    Apr 28, 2016
    We have a hen that recently went broody and hatched two chicks. Before the eggs hatched we rat proofed the coup and run at the allotment where we keep our chickens. However, early this week when we were letting the chicks and mum out two rats got in and attached the chicks. Everyone was fine, but naturally we brought the chicks and mum home with us and put them in our wooden garden shed to keep them safe.

    Since she has moved we have noticed she has started to pull her feathers out again and is sitting on the nest an awful lot, as if she has become broody again. When we move her to the garden with the chicks she is fine, she walks around and let's the chicks eat bugs etc she has found. But once we put her back she won't move off the nest.

    She also had quite scaly legs but no mites seemed present but we put treatment on her legs to be sure regardless. Since the chicks have hatched most of her scales/ dry skin (?) seem to have come off and the skin on her legs are a bit pink. Has anyone had any experience with similar things? Can anyone tell us if this is normal behaviour for a new chicken mum? Or is there anything we have to do to try and get her moving around more to help the chicks development. Thank you.

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