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Hi all,

After making through my first year with chickens and ducks we have decided to raise some quail for meat. I do not have a whole lot of room to work with so I will be needing to build the pen so that it is elevated and free standing. I want to start a flock of quail so that we can have for meat purposes. I had a few questions though.

1. How many birds would you need to have on hand to have a good rotation of meat...we plan on eating quail at least once a week....2-4 birds.
2. I know they state all of the different space requirements per chickens and everyone else free range...but these wont and I don't have a whole lot of space. I would like to know what will work vs...what is recommened for pets.
3. What would you recommend as an economical incubator.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated...My plan is to build a cage that is 3x8 and a 1 1/2 tall...with two cages stacked with 10 inches between each cage.
After doing a little research on economical incubators I chose the Genesis Hovabator 1588. It is a forced air incubator with a digital readout for temperature and humidity. I purchased the egg turner w/quail racks. Everything came to apr. $200.

I've read that you really don't want your cages higher than 12" or the birds will break their necks flying up. I'm a novice here, though, and there may be more experienced breeders with a different opinion.

If you are wanting the birds for meat only, and you want 4 birds a week... For the week you need 7 eggs (60% hatch rate). You could actually achieve that with 2 birds... 1 hen and 1 roo. Now, that poor hen is not going to be happy though, if she's stuck all by herself with the roo. I would say get 4 hens and a roo, and eat 1 meal of quail a week, and snack on some pickled eggs the rest of the week!
If your only building 2 pens keep your birds the same age don't mix age groups I had a 2 by 6 1.5 tall kept about 30. You can get away with 3 bird per sq ft

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