Help with Ducks Fighting


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Mar 18, 2013
I have 2 fully feathered 7 week old Mallards. I am now raising two Pekins that are 3 weeks old. I have a fully enclosed pen, house and pool area which the mallards have been living in for about 3 weeks. I have been attempting to introduce my Pekins into the duck enclosure a little every day. The Pekins are just starting to feather and still live at night in the house with us.

Everytime I bring the Pekins into the duck enclosure the Mallards attack them. It is terrible to watch and I cannot stand it. The Pekins have not suffered serious injury but I am concerned that eventually they will suffer an injury. Is there anything I can do to smooth this process out for the ducks?


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Mar 10, 2013
i know you posted in my other thread, but i figured id go more in depth here. like i said, i have three different age groups of ducks. i introduced the mallards to my swedish blues at about a month old, and they got along quite well. when i added two khakis to that group (khaki was 2 weeks younger), the older ducks constantly picked on him. so i went out and got some pekins that were roughly the same age, and the khaki gets along great with the 3 of them. whenever i tried introducing any of the chicks to my adult mallard/magpie, they were bullied pretty much non stop. my magpie/mallard get along fantastic even though the magpie is about three times the size of my mallard. so im thinking that in theory, once your ducks are all at the fully feathered stage, there should be a bit less fighting amongst them. you may have to get them acquainted for short periods of time at first and then separate them again. and just gradually increase the time that they are together. that was some of the advise that i got. hope this helps... as choppy and unflowing as it was.

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