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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by kimmie6067, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. kimmie6067

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    Help my family thinks I am nuts for wanting chickens. What do you tell these people to get them to understand how much I want to do this and how much it means to me?

  2. Farmettehopeful

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    Feb 23, 2012
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    This will be my first time with chickens as an adult so I get the looks, the grunts, the weird comments, and of course "those things carry bugs" comments. My 3 yr is excited, my 11 year old just says "really, why?!?" and my husband laughs at me whenever I tell him about the coop and run ideas I have but he is very supportive because he has always known how I feel. My parents (who had them when I was young) think I'm crazy but my dad is helping me with it all since he knows the most. I told them that they get some eggs out of the deal! First off, I would state why you want them; are they for "pets", eggs, or meat? Then go from there stating your case. I am also starting a garden this year and composting so I use the "we will get fresh eggs, eventual meat (I'm getting the "dual breed" kind), and better veggies in the long run" line. Good luck~it can be hard to convince others to understand your point of view!
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    Thanks Farmettehopeful! I to get strange looks and comments I really don't care because I want them. I have/had a garden but we live in a very sandy area and it's hard to get the soil built up plus I have a well and the garden took so much water due to the sand that it's cheaper for me to go buy veggies from the farmers around here, but I will always have my flower garden. I have a composting area in my yard, I love doing that. I was surprised that it don't smell at all, of course I don't put any meat or dog waste in it.

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    I'm still getting the looks from other people about my wanting chickens. Several people try to tell me how dirty and disquesting they are, but I tell them that they are only that way if you don't clean out the coop. I say the best thing to do is become very educated and overload them with REAL knowledge about chickens. With the few ladies I work with, I've been talking about the chickens so much that they are now asking me when they will come and if they can get eggs from me! LOL. It took my hubby a while to warm up to the idea, but now that he's visited with live chickens he's just as excited as I am for them to arrive next week! Good luck and when it really boils down to it - who cares what they think - as long as they make YOU happy! [​IMG]

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