Help with free range peachicks.


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Aug 15, 2009
Schuylkill County, Pa

This is the first time I ever had peachicks. They are 1 week old and free range with the peahen. I hope someone can tell me what I have to do to keep them healthy. I have gamebird starter in the pen and the peahens keep taking them in and out all day. Is this a good food for them? The peahens take them in the pen for the night and I close them up. They do not go far from the pen at all, just in to the cow pasture which is not used anymore. There is a stream in the back yard and water at the pen. What else should I be doing for them?


13 Years
Sep 7, 2009
Wesley Chapel FL
I have mine free-range with their pea chicks as well. Lost a couple to a hawk this year but it was expected. Last year lost none, mothers are VERY aggressive when they have babies. I would rather let them range during the day than be in a dirt pen.

Cute babies!

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