Help with gender!

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8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Hi everyone! I have a few girls (I hope they are all girls!) that I am not totally sure about! the biggest girls are 11 weeks, and the smallest the EE's are 8 weeks. I posted pics a month or so ago and with one of my red i got a resounding roo, and I think I know which one it is, but there were 4 reds and just now am I starting to be able to tell them apart. So any help is much appreciated if you need better pics, or pics of a chickens other features please let me know and I will get them for you! These pics were all taken today so I can get more pics today if needed! I would just like to know the gender of some of my babes!


This is noodles my suspect roo, but not a hundred percent sure she/he would be 11 weeks.


This one is unamed but I think its a roo because like noodles he has rougher feathers then the red females. Both are pr or rr not sure exactly.



These next ones are of my americauna or EE's They are the 8 week olds. Tiny is the one I am curious about he is the darker and tallest of the two pictured above.

Thanks for any and all help!
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no!!! no no no please please be wrong! I think he is a cockral to, but I really dont want him to be! We cant keep roo's though we may try and keep him and try and get a few babies, but if he had to go I think so would his sis, they are to close and protect each other from the big ones who can be bullys at times. ):
I knew it! Maybe we can still keep him...maybe he'll be really quiet, coco will lay some of his cute babies, and no one will be the wiser....

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