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    Feb 19, 2014
    I'm new to all of this ie chickens, raising chicks, breeding, etc. I managed to get 4 chicks in my first year. Not a great outcome from 4 broody sessions, but hey, live and learn. 3 of the chicks look normal ie no naked necks, and one is a naked neck. Now, I live in Spain and my spanish isn't great. I guessed when I ordered my chickens this time last year (all advertised as cuello desnudo, naked neck, and all with 'bow ties') that they wouldn't be pure breeds, but I did hope. Can anyone explain to me why I have non naked neck chicks. I thought the NN gene was dominant. I do remember a little of the genetics I took in high school biology so don;t shy away from using scientific terminology. I can always look it up ! [​IMG] Thanks in advance !
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    May 2, 2013
    I just finished replying to someone with this same question. I don't know anything about Naked Necks (NN) but I do know a fair bit about genetics. If you got non naked necks (nn) then both your male and female were hybrids (Nn). Check out my punnet square for calibrating percentages of each. It might become obvious to you from the diagram....if not, check out Punnet squares online for an explanation. Notice that 1/4 of the off spring of a Hybrid pairing will be non naked necks (Nn). Please note that the percentages are statistical predictions. Your hatching numbers are too low to get an accurate prediction......the more chicks you breed the closer you will get to the predicted numbers.

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