Help!!! with hatching a Duck Egg


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
I'm a first timer at this and know very little, but what I have read on various postings.

*Started incubating the duck egg March 10th
*Kept temp at 99.5
*Egg was set in an automatic turner
*Kept water in the bottom of the incubator for a good share of the incubation period.
*Friday June 4th, the duckling was pipping, tapping on the shell, and cheaping.
*If I count the first day of incubation, the 4th is 26 days
*I moved the egg from the turner to the bottom of the incubator
*Also, I did try doing some things to increas the humidity (not sure how effective they were, I have no real way of measuring it)
*I checked the egg again on the morning of the 5th, no progress
*I checked the egg again on the evening of the 5th the duck had made a cracked bump in the shell
*This morning early (5ish) there was no progress, duck, still cheaping, based on the some of the reading, I decided to help it by taking the cracked bump off. I made the hole just a little bit bigger.
*By noon today, still not progress. I'm thinking this guy isn't going to make. I need to help a little more. I carefully pick more shell away, only in the air sack area. The little guy is still alive will make noise everyonce in a while, but dosen't really seems to trying to get out (he seems tired). Also note: the membrane sack that's exposed seems to be thicker than it should be. It also has some vains in it. As it drys, it turns white. Since I exposed more of the membrane, I've been spraying the egg and membrane area with warm water every few hours.
*It's been 4 hours later and the little guys is still not trying to come out.

I'm not sure what to do. Do I leave it or do I give more help?

Does anyone know something about hatching ducks?
Of the 4 times I've hatched ducks/geese, I had to help at least one egg out, and all of them were sucessful. In my opinion, if you already helped him out and its been this long already, you should go on with it. Treat it as if it was in an ICU and pay attention to it every minute you have. Get some tweezers (skinnier the better), and SLOWLY/CAREFULLY pull out the shell small piece by small piece until you think it can just slide out. Make sure your hands are very clean (gloves are better), and make sure you wet the membrane out a bit every few minutes or so (or when its almost dry) so you can remove the membrane easier. Remember, the second you see anything red or blood, STOP IMMEDIATELY. work on the areas where you know there isnt blood first. Just be very very careful and good luck to you and your baby.
ALSO, if the room that you're doing this operation is too cold, turn on the heater or do it somewhere where its warm. It will die if it doesn't get warmth.

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