Help with homemade bator temp control

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    The water heater thermometer that I got is giving about a 10 F swing. I have a digital thermometer that gives a high and low and it is showing 93 to 102 ish. The only other thermostat controls I can find with as low as a 1 F range do not go above 90F as they are for house heat/AC control. So what have you all used ?
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    Jun 27, 2010
    I use one in my hatcher & you have got to put it like a inch or two away from the light bulb, & mine varies maybe 2 deg. no more than that, try this & see what happens.
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    Thank you for the tip guys. I messed around with it and found just about the right spot for it. Made a big difference and now that I have put in a window, I should have the humidity under control for lockdown.
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    I'm working on my incubator and have done the same, I put the thermostat about an inch away from the heat source, in my case it is a light.

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