Help with mixed breed identificaiton- Hatched my own chicks (heavy on the pics)


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Mar 30, 2015
Western WA
So this will be a game of 20 questions. I'll give you some pictures of my roosters and hens, some of which are mutts themselves, and you can guess hen or roo and what breed. :) I'll put them each in a post so its easier to track. :)
OK so here are the dads.

Pure Silkie- Johnny

Or Name that Mutt- Willie. He has feathered feet.

And some of the possible moms:

there's a sex link somewhere, and a RIR I think, a welsummer, delaware, easter egger, silkie, cochin, polish, random one that I don't know, buff orphington, australorps, amerucana maybe.
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Feb 2, 2016
The picture where the black and reddish brown one is side by side the black one has puffs in the cheeks so I'd say it's out of your Easter egger and the reddish brown ones is a mix between your Rhode Island Red hen and that ameraucana rooster in the second picture

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