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    I have eight 16 week old chickens who are living in the coop and five 9 week old chickens who are living in the brooder, I would like to have them living together in the coop but whenever I put them together the big ones run around and peck the little ones on the head. does any one have any advice on how to mix them without too much trauma? also once I have them together how do I keep the little ones eating the medicated feed and the big ones eating the laying feed? any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  2. The best way to integrate them is to have them in side by side pens with only chicken wire seperating them. This will allow them to get used to each other and not allow them to peck at each other. Once they all go about there business on a daily basis then you can integrate them together usually without too much trouble. It might take a week or so of being seperated like this before they will be nice to each other.
    As for the feed question, you cannot integrate mixed age flocks and have them eat different feeds.
    We have a mixed age flock ranging in age from 3 weeks to 4 years of age. We allow the little ones to sleep in their own coop area at night away from the other roosting birds. In the morning they eat chick feed in their area before being let out and then again at night before they go to sleep. The rest of the day they eat what every one else eats. We have never had growth issues by doing this.
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    I have over 200 chickens and all r different ages. I introduce them is by getting a clear stroage containar big enough for the chicks or pullets and I drill 2inch holes on top of the led, next towards the bottom on the side of the container I cut a square for the young ones to get in but small enough the big ones can't get in. That way I can saperate the feed and the young ones can go and come as the please. If the chicks are getting pecked at then they can run in to the container for safety. Hope this helps:cd

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