HELP with modifying part of existing storage bldg. to hen house!!!

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    Apr 18, 2009
    I have five 2 week old pullets for which I am attempting to set up house. There's already a "dog run" that will make a great chicken run and keep my dogs away from the chickens...the hens will have access to this during the day. For night time security I want to turn 1/3 of my storage building into a hen house. I want to utilize the right of the doors (which i've removed to do the work). I'm struggling with a floor plan. This was a work bench area for the previous owner but I just need ideas in terms of how to modify it for hens/easy cleanup. I know where I want to put the nesting box and that I'm going to add ventilation, but everything else is up in the air. I have lots of materials to work with, I just want easy access to everything for cleaning from inside the storage building. Pics below...thanks in advance...I'd love to get this project done tomorrow!



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    It looks like you could make the shelf area inder the workbench into nests - and if you need to add a "wall" to keep that part of the shed seperate but easy to open and clean what about recycled sliding closed doors? They wouldn't have to swing open but would allow easy access... (just posted a question about them but I'm thinking about using them on an outside wall - inside it should work fine... and they should be easy to find used - at Craigs list or any good building materials recycler.

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