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Mar 6, 2014
I believed my barred rock pullet to be gone, or disappeared. But yesterday, I spotted her in some tall grass on the side of my neighbor's driveway. She's on about 20 eggs currently and it looks like one of the eggs are pipped. I have never dealt with a broody before and I have no idea what to do. Since the chicks most likely are so close to hatch, should I just let nature take its course or try to seclude mom and babies at least a little with some shelter? Last time I tried to do this with another hen, she refused to sit on her babies again and they all died. Very torn here!!!
Oh the woes of free ranging! Everytime I read something like this it makes me realize how important it is to not let your animals run loose! I am sorry to be so critical but, Now if you move the nest they could die and if you leave the nest they will probably get run over by you neighbor! I would move her and the nest to a safe coop away from everyone! If the hen refuses to sit on the nest once you have locked her up with it, get out the incubator find a video of crash course on incubating eggs. I would most certainly bring the hen some food and water! So she doesn't have to go far for it. And you should really consider penning your flock up!
We have a large coop and fenced in area for the chickens and ducks. This one hen usually gets out daily and comes back at night! Just not sure what I should do at this point. I didn't realize she even had a nest or I would have at least tried to move her elsewhere
Don't move that nest I would set up a small fence around her and give her a little feed
Hopefully today or tomorrow!!!! I could have sworn I saw one pipped. I'll have to post mom with babies pics!
You said she is on the side of the neighbors driveway, on his side or yours? If she is on his side I don't think he would take too kindly to you setting up a fence on his property to pen your chicken in.

We had the same thing happen and we just picked up the hen and her eggs, put them in a tote with some shavings, a screened top, gave her some deep bedding, food and water. Cover the tote with a towel, like you cover a bird cage. Once she calmed down, as she was livid at being moved, she sat on the eggs and hatched all but one out. The one was a dud. She is now the mother of 6 babies and is perfectly content living in the laundry room for the time being.

I personally would move her. But that is just me. I have had bad things happen when I have let my hens hatch out their babies in the coop area. Things I don't want to have happen again. Even with the best laid plans some of these girls are hell bent on taking off and you don't know if they have left on their own or if a predator took them. Not a big deal though, you found her and will probably soon have some cute little babies. Congratulations!!
On his side of the fence. We are all done covering her up now. All safe and enough room to move around with cover. Our neighbor doesn't seem to mind, they used to have chickens as well!:) I'll know where to find her if this happens again !!!

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