Help with my duck, pls


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May 20, 2016
So, i have one duck. A pekin who is almost 2 months old. Her duckling friends died when something got in their pin. She was the only one to survive. Im trying to make the best of my situation and im just looking for a little guidance. So this is her current set up:
She has a fenced in circle area with a pool, her feeder and extra water. She stays in the area for most of the day. Swimming or laying down. I get her out as much as i can and we walk around or i hold her. She is very kind and sweet but scared of everything since the accident. She sleeps in a larger box in our garage during the night.

Basically i am terrified to let her on her own. Im so scared something will happen. We have a large area for her with a pond, chickens, and all the food she could want but im worried. Always worried.

So.. questions...

should i let her roam "free" and onto the pond? (Daylight hours and good weather only)

Does she need some kind of mirror in her bed area at night since she is alone?

Will she come back to her bed at night?

What are some treats your duck likes? Ive heard peas are good. Do they need to be thawed or frozen?


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