Help with my incubating eggs!!

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    Okay so I have about 20 eggs in the incubator and most of them are moving along nicely. Then there's these two. What does this mean? Also, when the chicks hatch, what do I do with them? Another thing, it seems that my rooster is only fertilizing one hen's eggs. Is this normal? [​IMG][/IMG]
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    Have a look here:

    Once the chicks have hatched you leave them in the incubator until they've dried and are fluffy, then quickly remove them and place them in a brooder with some food and water. You can also dip their beaks in the water to "show" them.
    I'm not sure about your roo. He should be mating with all the hens. Maybe some of them aren't allowing him or is making it difficult for him.
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    i have one hen my roo didn't mate with becuase i tried to hatch from her but each time the eggs would be infertile, I moved her in with a differant roo and have hatched chicks from her since :)
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    Sometimes it's the time of year. Roos are more "randy" in the spring. I would test the eggs for fertility prior to incubating. SpeckledHen has a great article on how to identify a fertile egg. Is your roo in with too many hens? 5 at a time may be good.
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    That looks like a bacteria ring..... I have links to pics and videos in my notes thrown in article

    here is a paste from those notes:
    Great pics of CANDLING and good and bad eggs.......

    BELOW CANDLES AND EGGTOPSY ~~~ Day 11 candle funky air cells from shipped eggs and BLOOD RINGS clearly visable on light polish eggs


    Good LUCK with your hatch!

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