Help with my LG Forced Air Please.


8 Years
Jun 26, 2011
Noticed today the temps are all different. 3 different thermometers all with different readings...

So they say hindsight is 20/20? I remember now plugging it in and hearing an awful sound like grinding gears. But it warmed up fine, and I never heard it again so....
I also remember in my last hatches it made a humming noise. And now.. no noise at all.

Here's what I think I've concluded. I think the fan has stopped working which would make the bator have cold spots all over the place.

So... Do I crank up the temp to 101? Basically, is a forced air LG, with no fan, simply a still air LG?

Or do I rush out and buy another cheap bator tmw and try to salvage what I can.


I'm on day 7 with these eggs. Is it too late for them? I'm not seeing any veining.. :( And I wonder if it's because it's not warm enough. Actually, I see veining in 3 out of 20 eggs.
try this but only after you unplug it, take your fingers and rotate the fan, does it move freely?

it could also be the connections, I wire my fans directly in and don't use the blue connectors.
Thank you both for the replies. I've been busy firing up my bigger incubator to transfer the eggs and then I'll mess with the fan.

Must be Friday the 13th!

Thanks so much you guys. :)

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