Help with my new covatutto 16 incubator

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    Sep 26, 2011
    Hi me and the other Half purchased this incubator to hatch some more chickens for our back garden our first attempt was rubbish only one chick hatch and it was crippled and died after a day the poor thing [​IMG] so we could do with some much appreciated advice.

    We purchased the eggs through eBay which is where we got the last ones from we have left them to set ( pointed end down) for just over 24 hours and then placed them in the incubator which has been running non stop for 3 weeks at a steedy 100.5 degrees it's a still air model with two water troughs at the bottom for water we have only filled one of the holes and will fill the second 3 days before hatching.

    First things we would like advice about is do we tune them 3 times a day straight away or do we leave them in the incubator still for 24 hours before starting to turn them?

    Any other advice on what needs to be done and other tips and instructions will be very appreciate

    Claire and Andy xx
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    This is what I do. I don't turn them the first day but I do put them in the incubator as soon as I get them because I'm not sure how old the eggs are when I get them and the longer you wait even 24 hrs. can make a difference.

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