Help with my two week old Cayuga

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May 18, 2017
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Sorry for the long post.

I made a rookie mistake today, I let my ducklings unsupervised in the tub. They had been swim for a good 10 minutes I went to do one thing that took 3mins. When I came back one of my little guys was spread out floating i at this point thought he was dead. I quickly picked him up to my surprise he was alive! But was responding so I did what I could and he came out of it. But now the weird part he was shaking like he was cold but couldn't walk. I put one of his mates with him and he two to steps then leap straight into the wall and stayed with his legs extended. I separated him to warm him up half hour later big improvements still couldn't walk good. Another 20 mins like nothing ever happened. So my question is what happened? What went wrong?

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Jan 30, 2015
Sorry I'm still trying to navigate this website thank you though I really appreciate.

Don't misunderstand me - it's great that you came here first. Part of our role as greeters is to point you in the right direction for help. We're the "receptionists" of BYC :)

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I think very young ducklings can drown. Ducks need to do a lot of preening to spread oil to all their wings (so the don't take on water & drown). I don't think ducklings do this right away.

Your questions will best be answered on the duck thread. Ducklings can also have niacin deficiencies which cause problems with movement and balance.

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