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    Jul 24, 2017
    I have 4 10 month old laying hens. Today I noticed that two of them have similar wounds. On one hen the wound is located on the underside between the vent and the legs, on the other it is located slightly below and to the left side of the vent. The vent does not appear to be affected in anyway. The hens are acting normal and are eating and drinking. Stool is also normal. They are secure from predators and rodents, and have never been observed pecking at or fighting with each other. They have been consistently laying daily for about 2 months now, and are still laying.
    The wounds are round and about 3in in diameter. The feathers are missing, the flesh is red and bloody, but not actively bleeding. The wound is not deep, but appears to be missing a layer of skin. One of the birds has a large soft swelling beneath the wound that feels fluid filled. They are currently quarantined from the other two birds. I have included photos, please note that the white substance on the wound is antibacterial ointment and not pus.
    Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions!

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    My guess would be that it's from pecking. You don't often see it, but it can get bad really quick.

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