Help with Nubian bottle baby please


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Mar 16, 2013
I am going to be buying a few Nubians this weekend and one of them is 3 1/2 week old bottle baby. I do not have a milk got right now, what are your suggestions for feeding this baby? She is getting goats milk right now. can I use regular milk from the store? Should I put something in with it?
Also, there are some Amish in my community that sell goat milk. Would it be better for me to buy milk from them to give her or is there a greater chance of disease this way? If I did buy from them what would I need to do to the milk to make it safe for her?
Any other helpful hints on goats are appreciated!
Goats milk is the way to go but if they aren't tested for CAE then your bottle baby can get that through the milk of a CAE positive doe unless it is pasteurized. Second best option is whole cow's milk from the store and I believe (never have done this option before) you add something to it to make it higher in fat, like honey or corn syrup. Maybe someone who knows can answer that better. 3rd option milk replacer. Good luck!
Im pretty sure they don't do testing so that's what I wanted to check on. I have heard that milk replacer is bad for babies at times so would it be best for me just to but regular vitamin d milk at the store? Do I need to add buttermilk or something to it? Thanks!
I think you can use just regular whole milk but can add buttermilk if the kid needs more weight. Not really sure because I've never raised a goat that way.

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