help with overdue eggs


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
hi my chinese painted quail eggs were ment 2 hatch on sunday its now tuesday, are they ok on their side i have read that they need 2 be stood up but it didnt say if the large end is ment 2 b up or down i have also read that sometimes they start pipping and then stop some people say help them out some say leave them if anyone could help id be very greatful thankyou
Large end up, always. They will be fine on their sides.

Do you hear any peeping? I have had quail pip and then die. Sometimes the humidity is too low, and they cannot unzip.
this is my second time trying only one survived from the first batch but its seems very active and healthy i would just like him or her 2 have a little friend, this is my second time trying one pipped the morning and managed to get its head out of the shell and that was it so my husband helped it out im not sure if it will make it but ive spent hours in here reading and have found alot of people disagreeing with each other i wasnt sure if i should pick the eggs up to listen or just leave them is it ok to do that
If they have been pipped for more than 24 hours, then they may need intervention.

If they are just late, and recently pipped, KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF THERE!!
ok thankyou very much for your advice is it true that they can hatch up to 7 days late im sorry to keep firing questions at you
No problem, it is what we are here for.

I would say after day 21, they are toast. But, I am not an expert with quail.
thankyou again, the baby that came out 2day is week but is breathing and every so often moving legs and head is there anything i can do to help it, we kinda rescued some quails thats wernt being looked after properly and fell in love with them they went laying to begin with but when they started we thought we would try and hatch some i tried to research as much as possible but didnt think i would come across any problems i just want to do the right thing if there is anything you can think of that i can do 2 help the one that has hatched, and as the eggs are already on their side should i leave them like that or stand them upright
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Remove them from the incubator as soon as they are dry. Leave them alone unless they have been pipped for a whole day, if they have then they might need to be helped. Since they are having problems hatching they could be shrink wrapped. This dries the membrane (little sac inside of the egg) which makes it hard for them to hatch. What is your humidity and what has it been. What kind of incubator are you using?

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