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    So far we have lost our first RIR rooster last September right after he started crowing. He was about 4 months old and just starting to come in to his roosterness (sticking up for the hens, crowing to call them in). Because we were upset that he was attacked by a hawk (hawk was witnessed at the scene of the "crime"), we purchased 4 more with 12 more hens. Yesterday one of the larger hens was attacked. It was not witnessed but the assumption is a hawk. Our older, larger hens are free range during the day with the younger ones able to come out but they prefer to stay in most of the day with the cooler weather. I was wondering if there is a way to prevent the attacks and allow the birds free range. They like to go in to the woods so we thought that them being in the trees would help, after yesterday that is obviously not the case. We are wondering if getting a couple of geese or other type of bird would help alert them to danger. Please help. Thanks.
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    I think being in the trees is a disadvantage for your birds. They can't see the hawks waiting to ambush them in the overhead trees. Not sure if geese would alert or not. And even if you did, the hawk holds all the cards if the chickens are on the open. Sorry to hear about your loss. [​IMG]
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    Thanks for your help. I have looked around and I think I am going to look in to making some kind of enclosure that we can move around every day or every few days to give them time and space outside.

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