Help with Roo color

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  1. I hatched 3 chicks in February from a breeder. Of the three I hatched all three are roos..I have one black and one black with mottling? and one that's golden/white feathered on his face, head and neck with some red in it and along his body he's a mixture of red and blue...I am going to let all three go and the two blue roos I hatched from another breeder as I am henless! BUt I can't sell one that I don't know the color of. Thinking some D'uccles experts on here would know what color these are. The eggs were to come from the breeder/s blue colored d'uccles pens? That's all I know! And help on the roo that has some mottling on it would be great as well! Thanks so much.


    If this picture doesn't show it well enough, I'll try again! I can't see him well in this post?

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