Help with sexing would be appreciated


Jun 2, 2015
We are new to raising chickens. My sister and I recently bought some baby chicks which were told they are about 4 weeks old. We are hoping for hens, as we cannot have roosters where we live. I have never posted on this site, so will try. If pictures are not sufficient, please let me know and I will try to get better ones. Thanks in advance for any input.

#1 Lavender English Orpington

#2 Light Sussex

#3 Light Sussex (Pocahotas)

#4 Lavender English Orpington

#5 American Bresse

#6 Light Sussex
#1 & #2 look to be cockerels. #3 & #4 look to be pullets. #5 & #6 need closer face pictures.
People on the Lavender Orpington Thread will help you sex your Orpingtons. Post head (from the side) and body pictures of each one. They are experts and very helpful. All my Orpington boys have huge combs and wattles at 4 weeks but some strains develop more slowly than others.
Thank you so much! We just picked up the lavender orpington's yesterday. The breeder had several, all hatched at the same time. These 2 had the smallest combs and body sizes, so we were hoping they would be hens.
New pictures for #5 American Bresse and #6 Light Sussex

#5 American Bresse

another #5

#6 Light Sussex


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