help with silkie chicks


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12 Years
Jul 31, 2007
2 of my chicks are not acting normal,one has a hard crop,and acts lethargic. i have been giving her some vitamins & electrolytes,i have seen her eat just very little,other one makes loud chirping noises when its trying to poo,it strains a lot .what can i do to help these week old babies??????????
The one trying to poo, does it have dried poop on its butt? Sometimes they can get that and it actually dries over their anus and they cant go poo and can die a painful death. You can get it moistened with a cotton ball and warm water (baby bottle warm, not scalding warm) and loosen it that way and peel it off. Keep an eye and pull off any dried poop before it crusts up and usually they get over it themselves. You can feed that one yogurt.

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