Help with "SMALL" coop/tractor ideas

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    I am trying to determine what I should build for my 2 bantam cochins and I plan on adding a silkie. DH isn't to keen on the A Frame...I say tractor, but it will be permanent and safe, but I hope to get ideas from posts. The little coop/tractor will eventually connect up with my origional coop and the "big girls" thank you one and all!
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  2. Cheryl

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    DH is thinking hoop style...comments, pictures and or links would all be appreciated
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    Here is a photo of a HOOP COOP


    I found the HOOP image at:
    (giving credit, where credit is due)

    Below is my 'tractor'

    This is my small A-Frame for two bantams currently ... I'm hoping to get a third.

    I wanted this tractor to be rectangular ..... I bought all materials to make it rectangular, but hubby preferred A-frame.

    Your hubby could copy this idea, and make it rectangular, if you wanted a small-sized tractor.



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