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    Mar 9, 2016
    I have currently remodeled a 2 level wooden playhouse into a into a coop. The top level is completely enclosed with a roost, 2 windows that can be opened and closed, wood floor, nest boxes, and a small hole for a ramp to connect the levels. The bottom is enclosed with chicken wire and is a dirt floor. It is 30 sqft. Would the 30 sqft on the bottom be a big enough run for three bantams, or would I need more because I have space to build on a larger run. And if so how big should it be? I know there's no exact number for all this, but I'd like some different opinions.
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    30 feet should be enough for three bantams. But, you'll just have to watch your particular birds and see how they do. If you're having behavioral issues or pecking, they're telling you they need more space.

    Although, if you have the space to make a larger run, I would say it's a good idea to do so. Those three bantams have a way of mysteriously turning into double digits within a few years, chicken fever is a hard bug to shake [​IMG]
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