help with these two roosters breed


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May 1, 2014
can anyone please tell me the breed of these two roosters will they grow to much and will they have nice big tail or no
hope u understand my question have a nice day everyone.

1. will this get short tail or long can u give an example of full grown rooster of this breed with photo on coment
here he was around 4 month

and here he is around 5 month it is photo of today

2. For the 2nd im not sure if its a rooster
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The first on is a light brahma, he will be a pretty big rooster, and his tail will be rounded. I dont own one, sl cant help you there. They get like 12 lbs I think. - may be exaggerated lol.

not sure what the second one is, but will likely be half the size of your brahma with a mid size tail. Looks to something with columbian colors.
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The first bird appears to be a Light Brahma, unless it really does have a small crest (like the first photo shows), in which case it is a Light Brahma mix. Brahmas won't develop the really long sickle feathers of some other, lighter weight breeds, but his tail should still get larger. Good quality Brahma roosters should reach 12 pounds, but birds from a hatchery/non-breeder may weigh less.

Below is a photo of the bantam version of a Light Brahma cockerel. Your bird should look similar as it matures.
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The second bird looks like some sort of gamebird mix to me, possibly with some Delaware in it. Its tail should get longer as it matures. Most gamebird cocks weigh 5-7 pounds at maturity.
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As I re-examined the pictures, I sas that the light brahma has what looks like the start of a single comb. I also took in the crest on it. I think they are both mixes, but thr first one looks to have more brahma, and the second has more of an even delaware and game bird mix.
The top bird is a Light Brahma mix rooster (not a pure Light Brahma) as he definitely has a small crest and appears to have a single comb. The second bird appears to be either a Delaware mix or a Columbian Rock mix.

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