Help with TSC ID please.


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
My mom had chickens for eggs as a little girl and said she now wanted them again, so I built her a coop and went to TSC to buy 6 little chicks. The lady who sold them to me said they were Leghorn pullets and Red pullets. She said both were high production egg layers. I got them home and came on here looking to verify their ID's. It looks like she was completely wrong, but I have no clue what these guys actually are. Even though they are only about 2 weeks old, I am pretty sure at least 1 is a roo because of a very prominent comb. Here are some pics.

These are the same 2 chicks in each picture, but I have 3 of each and I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what they think they might be and if they are good eggers.

Thanks :)

Thanks to everyone for the guesses. We will love them no matter what, but I am glad to have an idea of what these babies will be. :)

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