Help with Winterizing a modified Chick N Barn

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  1. sedodge

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    Mar 15, 2008

    I have modified a Chick N Barn for my 3 hens like the example shown in the Coop Pictures and it works great for my small flock. I wonder, though, if I should/could do any winterizing. I live in Bend, Oregon - a zone 5b, I think. We get snow and winter overnight temps down to about -15 or so. I'm not sure how I would add insulation other than to staple something to the outside of the coop? Any thought or suggestions? My coop alongside my alley and it isn't really practical or feasible to run electricity out there safely, so they have no added heat. Last winter they did OK - I did barricade them inside the coop on really cold days and put vaseline on their combs, but that's about it. I'm worried though about this winter as they seem skinnier, but perhaps that's because they are molting? Thanks!
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    Nov 8, 2008
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    I don't think heat is at all a necessity if you have the drafts minimized. Do you have that vent area along the coupala? That looks pretty drafty, I know everyone talks about making vents, but that really looks like too much for winter. You could possibly get sheets of insulation at Lowes or Home Depot and put them on the outside, then cover that, but it would probably be tricky to do that right. I really think if you just make sure it's out of the wind and minimize drafts they'll be ok.

    I'm thinking about building something along those lines to use as a duckhouse for this next spring. I like the way the roof lifts up and I have some supplies left over from our coop construction. Ducks don't mind the cold much, they're very messy, and I just need to keep them safe from predators at night. off topic though, sorry!
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    We're in zone 5a, so similar. I've put some thoughts in a file below, maybe they will help.
    We're insulated, well vented and use an electric dog bowl for 12 hens
    I have a light that comes on for 4 hours in the early morning but we don't heat.
    Had a brutal winter last year and the hens did well, were out most days, and we added snow boards to make it easier to keep the run clear





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