HELP Young Hen With Twisted Feet and Walking On Knees

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    This is a new one for us. This is a young hen about 19 weeks old. BB Red mix. Her right foot was curled when we first noticed and thought that she might have injured it. So we sepperated her into her own cage for some rest. Now the left foot has curled and she is walking most of the time on her knees. She is very alert, eating and drinking well, poo is normal and no other visible signs. Any body have any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Vitamin defiency maybe?

    Have you done a search on here for twisted feet? Seems like someone else had the same problem not long ago. She is beautiful! Hope you find out what is wrong with her.
  3. I was also thinking vitamin problem but wasn't sure.
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    I would keep her seperated until she was able to move about more. Make sure she is not able to try and jump/fly. I would also try the vitamins. It surely will not hurt. I had a roo that hurt his leg and he walked around on his "knee" for awhile. Now he walks with a limp, but gets along just fine.

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    I recently had a few 2 - 3 week old Cornish X chicks with feet that looked exactly like your hen's, plus they mainly "walked" on their hocks. They ate and drank well and seemed alert and active. The chicks feet had been normal at hatching, no curling toes.

    I gave each bird a couple of drops of Poly-vi-sol vitamin supplement, without iron, directly to their beaks. I also added 2 - 3 dropperfulls to the gallon waterer that the 30 birds shared, and replenished their water 2 x a day. I kept them on the vitamin supplement for about a week. Within a couple of days I could no longer tell which birds had had the curled toes. Now, at 7 weeks of age they're still "normal".
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    google 'curled toe paralysis' which is usually in younger birds, but could happen in older chicks. Riboflavin deficiency. What are you feeding her? Is this your only young bird? Others ok?
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    What are you feeding? If it were me i would give a general supplement in addition to the polyvisol (like aviacharge 2000 which you can purchase online from McMurry or Strombergs > it isnt the cheapest but is one of the most complete (and balanced in the correct ratios ) that I know of )... as I suspect there may be more deficiencies and/or imbalnce of nutrients here
    offer also some cooked egg yolk through her feed (for the choline is why I am suggesting this) and live culture plain yogurt.
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  8. Thank You all for the help. I thought that it was a vitamin thing but wanted a second opinion before starting any treatment.
    We have 101 birds on the ground right now and all the rest are fine.
    All get a complete balanced feed free choice, in addition to a few choice treats and are free ranged. Our girls are all very spoiled and they will tell you so.
    Will start her on Poly Vi Sol and watch her for a couple of days. If that doesn't do it then we will give her some Aviacharge.
    Thank You Again
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    Quote:I hope you'll come back here and let us know how she does on the vitamins. It's a "live-and-learn" thing for me!

    Good luck with her!

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    I am watching this with interest as well. The day before you started this thread one of my hens started this behavior as well. I have 26 others and everyone else is just fine. Mine is the same age as yours.

    I have Louise in my bathtub right now. She has been eating hard boiled egg and mash. She acts like she is starving. She doesn't walk at all though. She can sit up and looks alert. Her comb and wattle color look good. She is silent except a coo when I offer her food.

    I started her on the vitamins yesterday afternoon. I hope the best for both your hen and mine! [​IMG]

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