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    Oct 7, 2015
    So yesterday we went out to put out the birds and found one of our chicken was a victim of being pecked by a few other birds! It was a bloody mess! We cleaned it up with Vetericyn spray and put her in a clean coop all to her self. I can't get the picture to upload!!:( She is bald on the top now!:(. She is a polish. There is now a green ring around her head. If you give me your email I can send a picture. WHAT CAN I DO????
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    I'd say you have done the right thing by isolating her until she heels. You may wish to go down the route of re-introducing her gradually, one chicken at a time to try ease her transition back into the flock - lots of threads on introducing new chickens to a flock, so check them out.

    If you know which hen is the ringleader for the pecking, you could consider isolating her for a while, when you re-introduce the chicken.

    See how that goes. If she has been a flock member for a long while and you have not seen this behaviour before, it may be that she is sick and the rest of the flock sense it.

    Good luck
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    Spray her head with BlueKote or apply some Nustock Cream to the scalp after a couple of days of healing. Instead of removing herfrom the flock, separate her by a temporary fence, gate, or a crate. She needs to remain a part of the group, or she may be pecked worse. This pulling out of head feathers is a common problem with Polish chickens. I raised 2 of them and we went through this same thing several times. I had success with BluKote, but it does stain the feathers for a couple of weeks, and has to be reapplied every 2-3 days. Nustcok contains pine oil and sulfur which hides, but also tastes bad.

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