Jan 28, 2015
Stanwood, Washington
I have a red sex link hen, approximately 2-3 years by my guess who I had to apply bag balm to a chapped foot recently. It was her left foot, and upon releasing her she more or less "stumbled" to the ground (likely just below 5 foot drop, I'm not a very tall individual...) and it appeared as though she jarred her right leg. Now, she is walking in an odd manner, it doesn't look like a limp, and it looks like putting weight on the right leg isn't bothersome to her. But with nearly each step (except when I tried to record her predicament, of course...) she pulls her right leg up to her breast and extends it rather far forward, and then does a sort of hop to complete that step. I can't figure out how to post a video on here though, if there's a way please let me know, otherwise I can email the video.

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