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  1. Daniella

    Daniella New Egg

    Jan 27, 2016
    Hello I'm pretty new to raising chickens, we got our chickens in June of 2015, they started laying in November. My one chicken layed eggs for about a month and then stopped and hasen't layed since. I thought it was because of the cold weather but today when I went out to feed them I found her dead under the chicken pen. Any ideas about what happened?
  2. Folly's place

    Folly's place Overrun With Chickens

    Sep 13, 2011
    Sorry for your loss. She had a major health issue, and only a post mortem exam will answer your question. At a guess, her reproductive tract was 'messed up' in some way, and peritonitis killed her. That's only a guess, though. If you wrap her in plastic and chill (not freeze) her body, she can be posted next week. If more of your birds die soon, definitely find out why. Mary

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