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    Jun 25, 2016
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    This isn my first year owning quail. They were purchased as chicks in June, and have done quite well! I have done all the research on winter keep, and they have also been doing fine. I live in Nova Scotia canada, and in one week, our temperatures have gone from -35 degrees Celsius to +15 the other day! I went out this morning to the shed where they reside, and noticed one of my male quails was crowing and trying to mate the females. There have been no eggs from my ladies since the beginning of September. I'm quite confused on what to do! Should I remove him from the rest? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    As long as he isn't hurting anyone I would leave him be. He's just getting excited about the warmer weather
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    Hi there.

    For one quail to mount another is quite normal. Mine mount females throughout winter - but we cant compare winter temperature.

    If you find that your male is mounting another, he's generally sexually mature and just a regular hormonal cockerel.
    If you find the male is mounting another male... well that's how the pecking order is established.

    The only time that their mating should become bothersome is when your birds get plucked. If the male aggressively mates hens to the point where there are virtually no feathers left for him to grasp he should most certainly be removed.The same applies if he makes them bleed from from over-mating. Hens can be mated to death.

    Regardless that the hens aren't laying, the roo's will want to mount and get some relief.

    Hope it helps.
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